Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mary Jo Moss, longtime member of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, receives the Choir's ovation after her final concert of active membership

She never saw it coming! Per my (admittedly misleading) instructions, longtime Indianapolis Symphonic Choir (ISC) member Mary Jo Moss was waiting for me in the lobby at Hilbert Circle Theater. We had just concluded our final performance of the weekend-Brahms's "Gesang der Parzen" and the world premiere of "Missa Mirabilis" by pianist Stephen Hough.

Mary Jo had told me this would be her final concert as a regular member of the ISC. So I had invited her and husband Wayne to join me for a nightcap at a local restaurant before heading home.

But she didn't know that another singer had been dispatched to bring them both to the Choir's rehearsal hall. There, over 100 singers and loyal fans were waiting to surprise her with a reception thrown in her honor.

Every choir has them: a few volunteers so seemingly dedicated that the organization's very well-being may be attributed to their years of hard work, love and nurture. These choir "angels" make it possible to perform, to share some of humanities most indelible musical expressions.

And Mary Jo is an angel of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir.

For nearly 40 years, she has been a singer in the soprano section, a volunteer and paid staffer in the office, a member of the board of directors, president of the board of directors, generous patron and supporter, the list goes on and on. For me, she has been a special friend, a trusted confidant and fierce cheerleader. I have been most blessed by her special place in my life.

So for Mary Jo, and for all the choir angels out know who you are (if your choir folder is nearby, or if you've been humming a phrase from this week's rehearsal, that's YOU!) have our collective and undying accolades and thanks!!

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  1. Thank you for a wonderfully written tribute. Mary Jo is my aunt and very dear to me. I knew she was an angel, but not about the ISC kind. Thank you for sharing!! Rob in Texas