Friday, June 24, 2011

"Attention on the Concourse..."

So, it's 3 pm on Friday...the exact hour I was to be stepping off American Airlines flight 922 at my final destination of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, just in time for my first rehearsal later this evening.

Instead, I'm sitting at gate the Indianapolis International Airport. Sigh...

What was to have been my first flight yesterday, Indy to Miami, was cancelled due to a flight crew issue. No other flights were available to get me to Miami in time for my midnight flight south, so home I went. At least I got to catch up on some sleep!

My rebooked ticket had a first flight at 12:45 today, Indy to JFK. At the very moment I arrived at the gate, that flight too was cancelled. Apparently weather-related.

Back at the ticket counter, at first they were going to book me for something tomorrow...but after a little negotiating, we found an evening flight out tonight to Dallas. From there, overnight flight to Santiago, Chile (never been there before!) then two more connections to arrive in Santa Cruz around 5 pm tomorrow.

What's your favorite way to spend time in an airport? I'm transferring my marks from one Mozart "Coronation" Mass score to another, so I can use the newer Barenreiter edition for my rehearsals and concerts.


  1. I read, but when I need a break I find a busy shop and chat with my fellow travelers. Highly entertaining.

  2. Great suggestion, Aunt Carol! In fact, I did have a good conversation with the guy next to me on the long flight to Santiago. He's in the Navy, so I told him all about my good ol' Dad!

  3. Well actually this was Carol Selby but I kinda like the Aunt Carol thingy :):):)