Friday, April 8, 2011


One week...that's the time remaining before our performances of Bach's MASS IN B MINOR! It still feels far away-maybe that's an indication of the work yet to be accomplished.

Here's the schedule for the week:
Monday and Tuesday nights-final choral rehearsals with the most dedicated singers a person could hope to work with
Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning-solo coachings with Maria Jette, Jennifer Lane, Brian Stucki and Derrick Parker
Wednesday afternoon-rehearsal with orchestra and soloists
Wednesday evening-rehearsal with orchestra and chorus
Thursday afternoon-Choral Colloquium with Vance George and the students in my MH 520 Seminar in Choral Literature class (public invited! 2:25-4 pm in Lilly Hall room 141 at Butler)
Thursday evening-final dress rehearsal for chorus, orchestra and soloists
Friday and Saturday-8 pm performances, preceded by our Words on Music with Vance George and me at 7:15, Hilbert Circle Theater

One never undertakes a project of the complexity lightly...and the MASS IN B MINOR requires the very utmost in preparation from all participants. Demanding, yes...rewarding, without question!

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  1. I can hardly wait! This is a wonderful recognition of the dedication and talent of singers, artistic director and everyone at ISC. Count on me to be there cheering you all on!

    "Mother" Stark