Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Morning Berlin

Just a quick post this morning before we head out to do some city sightseeing. We arrived in Berlin Monday evening and made our way to our hotel in the Shoeneberg area of the city. We are one block from Ka-De-We, the largest department store in continental Europe, and numerous additional fun looking shops. Tuesday we took a city tour, giving us the chance to get our bearings, locating such sites as Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, and the Museum Island (home to the Pergamon Museum among others, and where we're headed today).

One of my Butler colleagues, David Murray, was here last fall, and recommended a wonderful restaurant where we ate yesterday, "More," just about a block from our hotel. Decorated in a rich red color with deep arm chairs at every table, it was cozy and delicious. Jon ordered the Wiener Schnitzel (yup, even though we're not in Vienna, this item seems to be on every menu in Gemany!) and I had Rouladen, a beef roll-up in rich dark gravy, accompanied with mashed potatoes and diced red cabbage. The small restaurant felt very homey, with patrons sitting and sipping coffee or a glass of wine till 11:30 pm. We were made to feel very welcome in "our" neighborhood haunt.

Promise that I'll put up some pics at the next post...the upload speed here in the hotel is quite slow, so it'll work better for me to do it when I have a little time to watch the spinning pinwheel on the screen!

Till later....

PS...I had a dream in (very) broken German last night. Just as in my real life experiences on the street, I spent most of the dream apologizing to folks for the fact that I don't speak the language very well!


  1. Well in an emergency you can always quote John F. Kennedy's famous sentence "Ich bin ein Berliner" (a small jelly filled donut).

  2. Bonjour Eric, ...oops wrong country!

    I am truly enjoying your blog.
    It's though I am traveling with you .You are a terrific guide.

  3. Hi Eric,

    Good job with the blog. You ought to be getting a lot of "hits" from central Florida because I am giving your blog address to everyone I suspect has some musical interest. The guy whistling "Dixie" while ranking the sand traps seemed very appreciative.